COVID-19 Safety and Off Season Training Information

Dear CW Football Parents, 

I am writing this letter to explain what our summer training will look like under COVID 19 precautions.  First thing we will begin training next week Monday June 1st at 3pm. We will be finished around 5:30pm.  For the first week we will train in the afternoon due to school still being in session.  Starting June 8th we will begin training in the morning.  Calendars have been posted on the website and put out on social media.  Below are the mandates from the ODH: 

  1. All players must bring their own water bottle.  If they do not have water they will not be permitted to participate in the workout. 
  2. All players must wear shirts with sleeves and leave them on at all times. 
  3. All players and coaches must do a self check of themselves prior to arriving at the facility.  If you are sick in any way STAY HOME!! Each player and coach will sign a form each day stating that they have done this self check. 
  4. Players and coaches must maintain social distancing.  I have met with Mr. Durbin and explained my plan on how we are going to do so.  He has approved my plan.  
  5. There is a NO contact rule in effect from the ODH.  No drills or exercises will be performed where players will be touching one another until the order if lifted by ODH. 

We will begin our summer training only using outdoor facilities and as things progress we will begin to work in weight room time, while maintaining social distancing (small groups, no heavy lifting that requires spotting).  Hopefully we can progress through the summer and can start “real football activities” by August 1st.  This summer is not a sprint it is a marathon and that is our approach as a coaching staff. As things change we will need to adapt and change with it so your understanding and patience is greatly appreciated.  If you have questions please feel free to contact me via email at  


Coach Stratton

Dear Canal Winchester Athletics Families,

 On Thursday, May 21 the Ohio Department of Health, the OHSAA, and Governor DeWine’s office authorized the beginning of interscholastic individual skills training for all sports. The order allows school facilities to be open specifically and exclusively for athletic purposes until June 30.

The Athletic Department of Canal Winchester Schools have collaborated to develop a plan using mandates from the Ohio Department of Health, and guidance from the Ohio High School Athletic Association, the National Federation of High School Sports, and the Centers for Disease Control.   While we are all excited to bring our athletes and coaches back together, we want to do so in the safest manner possible to ensure the well-being of all involved.

 Canal Winchester Schools Responsible Athlete and Coaching Protocols (Phase 1): Canal Winchester Athletics cannot stress enough the importance of ALL athletes, coaches, and families reviewing these documents as our athletic practices have changed in response to Covid-19. Please carefully read the attachments in this letter and do not hesitate to reach out to your head coach or athletic director with questions or concerns. Adherence to the protocols are mandatory.

 The Ohio Department of Health mandates what we are to do.  OHSAA puts out “guidance” which means it is not mandated but can be used to individually tailor a program that fits your system.  Why do I point this out?  Because every program is tailored to the demographics of their community and township.  What does this mean?  I anticipate that many school systems athletic training/practice plan(s) will look very different than others.

 We are so used to living in a regulatory world but a statement by the CDC emphasizes how different this is for all communities and athletic program(s). It states: “Implementation should be guided by what is feasible, practical, acceptable and tailored to the needs of each community”….that highlights how difficult it is for ONE overriding policy that would MANDATE all school systems. This is very important to understand as I anticipate questions such as “this school is doing this. . .why is(n’t) CW Schools doing that?  Answer; we have tailored to fit the needs of our community based upon what we believe provides the safest and most secure environment for our coaches and student-athletes.

 Lastly; information changes quickly.  As information is changed/edited, new policies and procedures will be put in place to continue to protect our student-athletes and coaches while providing them an opportunity to train in their respective sport/program.  

 Thank you in advance for your cooperation, understanding, and patience during these rapidly changing times.

 Widest dissemination to as many community members is greatly appreciated.


Pat Durbin, Athletic Director

Canal Winchester High School