Constitution of the Indians Touchdown Club

Article I – Name   The name of this association shall be, the Indians Touch Down Club, referred to as “the TDC.” 

Article II – Mission Statement 

Section I – The mission of the TDC is to promote excellence in Canal Winchester Schools’ football program for grades 7 through 12 by providing support, encouragement, promotion, and funding for players and coaches.

Section II – Core Values – The TDC promotes the following core values:

  1. We commit to exist for the overall good of the Canal Winchester football program and players.
  2. We commit to work together as a team and not for individual promotion.
  3. We commit to resolve problems as quickly as possible and not create them.
  4. We commit to work hard and celebrate the victories.
  5. We commit to promote the character qualities of leadership, responsibility, respect, accountability and team pride.

Article III – Meetings 

Section I – Scheduled meetings of the TDC shall be the first Monday evening of each month, or other agreeable day by the Board.  The Board, if necessary, shall call other meetings or modify the date and times as needed to meet the needs of the core values of the TDC.

Section II – Meetings shall be held at the high school unless otherwise designated by the Board.

Section III – The annual meeting of the TDC for the purpose of election of officers shall be held in the month of December of each year.

 Article IV – Membership 

Section I – Any resident of the Canal Winchester School District, parent/guardian of a current student of said school district or alumni of the Canal Winchester School District is eligible for membership. No one outside the Canal Winchester School District is eligible for membership.  Anyone in question must either provide an I.D. showing their residence or proof of them being a parent/guardian of a current student.

Section II – No individual member of the TDC shall have power or authority to incur any debts in the name of the TDC without prior approval of the Board nor shall induce or encourage any activities for his/her own political gains.

Section III – Voting privileges shall be extended to all members.  Member eligibility is identified in Article IV, Section I.  Members present shall constitute a quorum.

Section IV – The responsibility of each member is to promote, fundraise, and engage in TDC activities in a positive manner to further support the goals and initiatives as approved by the Executive Board.

Article V – Officers  

Section I – The officers of the TDC shall be the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Media Specialist, and Webmaster, and shall be called the Board.

Section II – The officers shall serve the organization from January 1 through December 31.  New officers shall be installed at the first meeting of the TDC in the month of January.

Section III – Duties of the officers shall be:

  1. President: shall discharge the duties usually incidental to that office.  Prepares the agenda for the monthly meetings and coordinates committee activities.  Also responsible for the constant promotion of the organization and is the liaison between the TDC, the Parent Booster and/or the Athletic Department.  The President may appoint chairpersons for committees, as needed.
  2. Vice-President: shall perform all the duties of the President in the absence of the President.  Also, the Vice-President shall be an aid to the President in all duties and promotion to the organization.
  3. Secretary: shall keep minutes of all meetings and prepare said minutes for distribution to all interested parties.  Additional duties include preparing all thank you notes for donations and solicitation letters for various fund-raisers.
  4. Treasurer: shall collect all money due, and pay all authorized expenses.  In addition, the Treasurer must have available for review a treasurer’s report (actual income and expense reports; summary of bank accounts, outstanding expenses) at each meeting.  The records of the Treasurer shall be open at all times to inspection by any Office of the TDC.
  5. Media Specialist: shall maintain the TDC’s social media sites, including but not limited to, Facebook and Twitter accounts.  The Media Specialist is responsible for timely posting Coach updates, game updates and pictures, when available.  In addition, pertinent daily information is posted by the Media Specialist to the social media sites.   In the absence of a Webmaster, the Media Specialist will assume those assigned responsibilities.
  6. Webmaster: shall maintain the TDC’s website by keeping information current, posting activities for players and parents from the Coach and the TDC.  The Webmaster will review with other Board members any suspect items before posting on the website.   In the absence of a Media Specialist, the Webmaster will assume those assigned responsibilities.
  7. Middle School Liaison: shall maintain all communication with the coaches, players, and parents about upcoming activities associated with the TDC. This position must be held by a Middle School parent. In addition, the Middle School Liaison will assist with all scheduling of after game drinks or snacks provided to the team for away games.  

Section IV – The Head Coach will serve as a member of the Board with voting rights.

Section V – In the event of a resignation of an elected officer, the President has the authority to appoint a replacement for the position until the next elections.  The appointee must receive a majority vote from the remaining Board to assume the position.   Once appointed, the new officer shall hold the office for the unexpired portion of that vacated term.  

Section VI – All officers have the expectation of attending 75 percent of the scheduled meetings from January to December.  At which time attendance falls below this percentage, the Board will accept the voluntary resignation of the officer and move forward with filling the vacated position.

Article VI – Elections 

Section I – Elected officers shall hold office from January through December for a period of 2 years at which time incumbents may opt to leave office or run for office again.  

Section II – The immediate President and Vice-President shall chair the Nominating Committee of the TDC.  The nominating committee shall publish a notice prior two months prior to the election month all Board position that are available and solicit nominations and/or volunteers.  Nominees should be contacted to ensure willingness to accept the candidacy before elections.

Section III – Voting will be conducted at the December meeting by secret ballot by all members in attendance. Member eligibility is identified in Article IV, Section I.  Ballots will be counted by the Nominating Committee.  Ballots will be available for review for up to 60 days post-election.  

Section IV – Any time the office of President is vacated, the position will not be up for election but will be automatically assumed by the Vice-President as long as the incumbent desires the position and the remaining Board is in agreement.

Article VII – Policies  

Section I – A motion may be made by any member of the TDC.  Motions may be made and discussed at any meeting.  Voting can occur at that meeting or tabled until the next meeting, depending on the topic and urgency of the matter.  

Section II – All monies earned by the TDC are to be used only to promoted the Canal Winchester football program.  

Section III – If there are no meetings called within a period of one (1) year, the TDC shall be disbanded.  The TDC can also be disbanded upon the recommendation of the Board and upon the approval of a majority vote after a duly called vote.  

Section IV – If the TDC disbands, the Board shall authorize disbursement of all property to be deposited in the Canal Winchester Local Schools football account and program.   

Section VII- Emergency Vote: In the case that a situation arises that can’t wait until the next scheduled meeting an emergency vote by the Officers will be made. This Emergency Vote will be addressed in the next scheduled meeting so all members are aware of the situation that transpired and why the vote was needed.  


Section V – It is the responsibility of the TDC Board and members to promote, fundraise, and support the needs of the board approved budget as outlined in Article VIII below.

Section VI – A simple “majority rules” as it pertains to all voting matters.

Article VIII – Budget   // Treasury

Section I – All funds raised by the TDC shall be disbursed in accordance with the budget submitted by the Treasurer and approved by the Executive Board as prescribed in Article V, Section III and Section IV above.

Section II – The annual budget may be changed as needed by the Executive Board with majority votes approving said change.

Section III – The Treasurer in conjunction with the Board shall prepare the annual budget as approved by the Board for final publishing during a regular monthly meeting.    The publishing of said approved yearly budget will be available at any time upon request to the Treasurer or President for transparency purposes insomuch as identifying the current needs of the program. 

Section IV – Any expenditures by a non-officer must be approved by two Board members prior to the expenditure.  The Expenditure Approval Form must be submitted for approval prior to the expenditure being made.

Section V – The Board is responsible to determine bank or banks of their choice to be used for depositions of funds for the TDC as necessary.  

Section VI – The organization’s fiscal year is to be determined by the fiscal requirements of the tax identification number the TDC officially adopts.  

Article IX  – Website – Social Media 

Section I – As long as the TDC owns and operates an internet website, the Board has the authority, in conjunction with the Head Coach, to determine what information is posted.

Section II – At no time, will the TDC use the website, or any other form of social media, to post derogatory information regarding the school, program, team, coach, or any individual.

Section III – The website will be updated on a weekly basis and will include pertinent information including:  upcoming schedule for the team (when available), season schedule, team statistics, team line-ups, any TDC fund-raising activities and/or community activities and contact information for the Board.  In addition, the website will post monthly meeting minutes and update historical information.     

Article X  – Amendments to Constitution and Bylaws

Section I – The Constitution and by-laws may be modified, altered, amended, or repealed by a majority of members of the TDC present at any regular meeting, providing that such proposed amendment shall have been previously read in one regular meeting of the members.