Canal Winchester Football Family,
As many of you are aware of the Touchdown Club is getting ready for a major remodel of the Varsity football locker room.  This remodel includes removal of the old lockers, painting the room, and the installation of includes new solid oak lockers.  Anyone that is willing to help please see the following dates.  Items to be completed are listed to the corresponding dates.
If you have any questions, please refer to the appropriate contact listed below for the day in question.
Greg Allen: 614-867-4973
Jason Riley: 614-989-3819
Updated Times: 
Thursday, July 26th, from 5pm – 8pm
Friday, July 27th, from 8am – 1pm
Saturday, July 28th, starting at 8am
August 1: 5-9 pm. Contact: Greg. Greg will be available in the afternoon. Goal: Additional day for painting of the walls, ceilings, and benches.
August 3: 5-9 pm. Contacts Greg & Jason. Goal: Completion of remaining items needed. Also, this is the tentative delivery date for lockers. Additionally, the lockers will need to be removed from the shipping materials and staged for installation.
August 4 & 5: 12-4 pm Contact Jason. Goal: Installation of new lockers. Construction of new 2×4 boxes for lockers to sit on (select lockers) Will not need saws, compressor, or nail gun’s.
August 6: 5-8 Goal: Completion of locker install, and any remaining items needed.
Note: If delivery is later expected we will plan on installation August 6-9 from 5-8 pm. Schedule is subject to change. Please contact Greg Allen at if you can do items during other hours and we will try to get you into the locker room. We appreciate any and all help during the scheduled times. 
Please note if you have impact drills, small ladders, or painting supplies please bring them.  You might also want to bring work gloves.
If you have any of the following items and would be willing to loans them to the us it would be great.
Hammer Drill for installation of tap-con screws
Painting supplies.
Impact Drills
Thanks again for your assistance in any help you can provide,
The Touchdown Club